5 Amazing Holiday Gifts for Sports Fans

Chances are, you know someone who has memorized their favorite sports team’s statistics, rattling off famous players, wins, and losses without hesitation. It’s easy to shop for these types of people, especially since they’ll probably be more than satisfied with official merchandise or some kind of memorabilia. 

However, it can still be tough to find the perfect thing to give them. If you’re struggling with this problem, then here are the 5 best holiday gifts for sports fans that won’t break your wallet. 

1. Baseball Stadium Map

Given that America’s favorite pastime is baseball, there’s undoubtedly someone in your life who knows the game by heart. They’re probably hoping to visit every single stadium in the continent so make sure that they have a way to keep track of this goal by gifting them this Baseball Stadium Map. 

A field guide for baseball stadiums across the United States and Canada, this framed map has everything a sports fan will need to complete their lifelong quest. It even comes with red push pins that they can use to record which places they’ve already visited. Without a doubt, they’ll be talking about this incredible gift for years to come!

2. Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

No matter what sport it is, watching a game is always better with a glass of whiskey in hand. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for the alcohol to warm, especially if the person drinking it is way too invested in what’s happening on the screen! 

A gift that combines their enthusiasm for sports with their love for whiskey, this set of chillers will make for a fantastic holiday gift. It also includes a nifty velvet pouch that can be used for easy storage. Made with high-quality glass, these will definitely keep their whiskey cool throughout the entire game.

3. Indoor Basketball Arcade

Every basketball fan would love to test their skills on an actual court but if that isn’t possible, then get them the next best thing with this Indoor Basketball Arcade. With an LED scoring system, seven different basketballs, and a slew of challenging games, this gift will undoubtedly bring them hours of pure, unadulterated fun. 

Built with a thick, reinforced backboard and a rust-resistant frame, this Indoor Basketball Arcade is extremely durable, which means that even the most enthusiastic of players won’t be able to break it. There are also paddle sensors to ensure accurate scoring and prevent cheating.

4. Sports Geometric Wall Art Prints

The beautiful designs of these geometric art prints are incredibly eye-catching, which is why they’d make for the perfect home decor. These are available in a whole host of various sports, from football to basketball and golf so there’s definitely something for every fan out there. 

Fantastic for garages, bedrooms, and man caves, these geometric wall art prints will undoubtedly be a holiday favorite. Make sure that the sports fan in your life has this up on their wall before the new year starts. 

5. Memento Wall Storage Box

A lot of sports fans love hoarding ticket stubs to games they’ve watched; however, it can be hard to keep them all in one place. This Memento Wall Storage Box easily resolves that and even turns their collection into a stunning collage. 

With a nifty slot to easily drop ticket stubs in, this Memento Wall Storage Box is perfect for sports enthusiasts looking for a way to remember all the games they’ve been to. Either hanged on a wall or set on a tabletop, this will also make for a fantastic conversation piece.

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Did any of these make it to your Christmas shopping list? What other ideas do you have for the best holiday gifts for sports fans? Let us know in the comments section down below – we’d love to hear from you!

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