The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Dads Who Love to Travel

Dads are notorious for their love of all things practical and sensible, which is why shopping for great Father’s Day gifts is always a challenge. Not only should the item be something that they can use in daily life, but it also has to be durable and capable of withstanding whatever is thrown their way.

If your shopping cart is still empty for Father’s Day, then here’s a list of six incredible gifts for Dad to help you out.

1. National Geographic Coffee Table Book

The ideal gift for dads who can’t wait to hit the road, this coffee table book from National Geographic will take them through the trip of a lifetime, traversing all 50 states, as well as ten different provinces in Canada. Its mixture of both tried-and-tested routes and off the beaten tracks will definitely be appealing to those looking for an unforgettable experience. Without a doubt, this is a must-have for any road warrior.

2. Wireless Charging Stand

Keeping track of electronic devices and their respective wires is a challenge for frequent travelers, especially if they’re huge fans of technology. This is why a wireless charging stand would make for the perfect Father’s Day gift – not only would it eliminate the need for pesky cables that get all knotted up, but it would also free up space in their bags. Capable of powering up an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and AirPods, this is undoubtedly a gift that will keep on giving.

3. Field Notes Memo Books

Cameras may encapsulate a moment forever, but nothing will ever beat jotting down one’s thoughts. This pack of Field Notes Memo Books is among the best gift ideas for dad, simply because it allows them to quickly and conveniently write down whatever they’re thinking, whether it be a checklist before a business trip or midnight ramblings while fighting off jet lag. Thanks to its acid-free paper and high-quality card stock, these notebooks will definitely withstand long travel times and packed luggage.

4. Four-Piece Cocktail Kit Set

Both the plane’s dining cart and the hotel’s minibar may be filled to the brim with delicious liquor; however, nothing beats classic beverages, like the Old Fashioned, a Champagne Cocktail, a Moscow Mule, and a mouth-watering Gin & Tonic. Make sure that dad has access to these blends even while traveling by gifting him this incredibly compact mixology kit. Each one contains everything they need to whip up their poison of choice, regardless of where they are.

5. Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tool

For dads who love spending time in the outdoors, this Wave Plus Multi-Tool from Leatherman would make for the perfect Father’s Day gift for them. It boasts of 18 different tools, from wire cutters to sprint-action scissors and screwdrivers, giving them peace of mind whenever they’re camping or traversing the land on a solo backpacking trip. The company also provides an incredible 25-year warranty, which ensures that this particular product will last a lifetime.

6. Bose QuietComfort Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Going on trips may be fun and exciting, but it also goes hand-in-hand with extremely loud noises, such as crying infants on airplanes and the rush of early morning traffic. This means that a pair of wireless noise-canceling earbuds will be highly appreciated by dad this Father’s Day. Designed to provide maximum comfort and engineered to eliminate all kinds of distractions, this will definitely be their new travel best friend.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, this list of gift ideas for Dad will definitely come in handy. Just know, though, that whatever you decide to get him is bound to be highly appreciated.

Do you already have a few Father’s Day gifts in mind? Don’t forget to share them with us – we’d love to hear from you!

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