Top 5 White Elephant Gifts for Bookworms

The term “white elephant” refers to a game in which wacky and impractical gifts are exchanged among guests. It’s incredibly entertaining for all those involved, which is why it has quickly become a staple in all sorts of celebrations, from workplace parties to holiday get-togethers. 

However, it can sometimes be tough to figure out what to bring to a white elephant gift exchange. If most party-goers are readers and literary lovers, then these will definitely be trinkets that they’ll love. 

With that, we’ve scoured the Internet for five white elephant gifts for bookworms that won’t break the bank. 

1. Go Away, I’m Reading Mug

Every avid reader is familiar with the awful feeling of being torn away from a compelling fictional world by someone striking a conversation or asking an unimportant question. Fortunately, this “Go Away, I’m Reading” coffee mug will ensure that they’ll never be interrupted again.

Made with high-quality white ceramic that stays pristine at all times, this coffee mug features a sturdy and easy-to-grip C-handle. If you want it to feature other wacky slogans, then you’d be pleased to know that the company offers a whole host of them, including “So Many Books, So Little Time” and “Professional Bookworm.”

2. Antique Books Scented Candle

The universal appeal of a scented candle makes them a crowd favorite during white elephant parties so this particular one will definitely be a huge hit. Its combination of oils creates a breathtaking aroma of old, worn leather and scratchy parchment, both of which are reminiscent of antique books that used to line libraries of old. 

No literary lover can resist the smell of old books, which is why this scented candle would be ideal for a white elephant gift exchange. Without a doubt, they’ll love this so much that they won’t be able to snuff it out!

3. Library Card Tote Bag

For many bookworms, a quick visit to the library means coming home with five new titles that’ll only take them a few days to get through. Make sure that they won’t have to struggle with their load with this beautifully designed tote bag. 

Made from pure cotton canvas, this tote bag is extremely durable, which means that it can handle more than five hardcover titles. Its cute library card design is also printed with eco-friendly ink, making this gift both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. What more can you ask for from a white elephant exchange?

4. Authors Card Game

As much as bookworms love to read, they do need to take a break sometimes! However, this Authors Card Game will ensure that they’re still hooked onto the written word even without a book in front of their noses. 

The standard 52-card deck features stunning color portraits of the world’s most renowned writers, including Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, and Edgar Allan Poe. As innovative and entertaining as this game is, literary lovers may find their competitive nature coming out as they aim to complete everything written by their favorite author.

5. The Book Lover’s Journal

Avid readers are known for finishing up to a hundred books per year, which is why they’ll need a nifty journal to keep track of all the titles they’ve consumed. The Book Lover’s Journal is exactly what they want, thanks to its slew of interesting features, from a to-read list to space for musing about one’s reading life. 

Its small size makes The Book Lover’s Journal easy and practical to carry around. Customers are also free to choose between hardcover and spiral-bound, which means that there’s a design to fit everyone’s tastes.

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Which of these reading-themed gifts are you bringing to your next white elephant party? Are there any other items that you think would be perfect for a bookworm? Let us know in the comments section below – we’d love to hear from you! 

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